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Do you need mobile detailing in Calgary but don’t have the luxury of spending 4-5hours waiting at a car detailing shop in Calgary? Well, you have come to the right place. At Glam Detailing, we bring the Car Cleaning, Car Wash and Auto Detailing to you. We provide mobile detailing services at your Home, Office or any location of your choosing in Calgary. We provide top quality mobile detailing service that is backed by our 5-Star Google Reviews from our valuable clients.

Car detailing is a process in which the most commonly used methods and materials are employed to keep the car looking and performing in perfect condition. It is a preventive measure that improves driving efficiency, safety and visibility of the vehicle, and extends its value.

Studies find higher levels of germs in cars than the average toilets. That is crazy right? This is why we recommend more frequent cleaning and detailing of your cars. Don’t Ignore it, prevent illness and diseases by doing regular steaming, hot water shampooing and disinfecting of your car interior. Glam Detailing provides all of these services for you.

Here are some of the different types of mobile car detailing packages and services we provide

Car Interior Detailing

Car interior detailing is all about beauty on the inside. However, there is more to interior detailing than meets the eye. It is not enough to simply look good. The inside of a car should provide a hygienic environment with a clean, fresh smell to help create a positive driving experience. This involves deep-cleaning techniques that sanitize upholstery, carpets and surfaces for a germ-free finish.

Interior detailing is the process of cleaning the interior of your car thoroughly and spotlessly. It’s important to get an interior detailing job done to remove dirt and debris, replenish the leather conditioner, clean the upholstery including the headrests, and mask unwanted odours.

Our complete car interior detailing service includes vacuuming and shampooing of carpets, seats, and floor mats; steam cleaning roof, vinyl, and leather; glass cleaning; hand washes treatment for all plastics and vinyl surfaces; and application of leather care products. Steam treatment of rugs, mats, carpets and carpets.

Car Exterior Detailing

Improper car washing techniques can lead to costly paint defects including swirls, water spotting, scratches, and so on. Our 5 step safe exterior hand wash process will give your car a fresh new look and gloss while minimizing the risk of adding more defects to your paint.

The process of exterior detailing goes beyond vacuuming and scrubbing the exterior of your car. Most providers use top-quality products with rich emollients to ensure the paintwork, panels, glass, and tires look new. Other processes can include applying sealants or waxes to protect your vehicle’s finish over time. Some offerings will even protect the interior from spills and stains!

A fresh, clean exterior will highlight the value of your vehicle. Our process starts by stripping away all foreign substances and decontaminating critical areas with the help of a waterless detailing product. The outside will be scrubbed with our state-of-the-art auto wash system using special tools to ensure thorough cleaning. The tires will also be cleaned, blended, and vulcanized to ensure proper tire conditioner is applied.

We also provide paint correction and paint protection services like Waxes, Sealants and Ceramic Coatings for your car’s exterior. Our Ceramic coatings are backed by warranties by Ceramic Pro

Car Full Detailing

The Full Car Detailing is a combination of exterior and interior detailing. At the very least, the Full Car Detailing will include full interior colour seal shampoo, leather conditioning, flea treatment for pets, wheel waxing, hand polishing of dashboards, vacuuming of floor mats, wiping of door jambs, cleaning of rearview mirrors, wiping of armrest areas, spraying sanitizing on air vents for sanitizing purposes.

All these detailing services are included at one time for your convenience. Full car detailing includes the use of car wax or paint sealant to give your car a fresh, clean look. It is different from waxing and polishing. Besides cleaning and polishing, this process essentially improves the surface of the vehicle by removing minor scratches and swirl marks, protecting against rust, and thus creating a thicker, tougher paint.

Our Basic Packages will take care of the basic cleaning needs for your car. We recommend these packages for just routine/maintenance cleaning or if your car just needs a thorough vacuum and wipe down of your interior and hand wash/dry of your exterior.

Whether you are trying to sell your vehicle, trying to get rid of unpleasant odor, remove tough stains, clean heavily soiled carpets or make your car interior sparkling clean with our safe car wash, our Advanced Packages will give your car a fresh new look and smell.

Take advantage of the Glam up package to restore your vehicle to showroom quality. After a while, plastics, rubber, leather, trim start to fade due to exposure to sun and other factors. With our treatments, your interior will be rejuvenated and those dull surfaces will be brought to life.

What Areas do we service?

We provide Mobile Car Detailing in Calgary, Evergreen, Silverado, Bridlewood, Mobile Car Detailing in Signal Hill, Mobile Car Detailing in Alpine Park, Mobile Car Detailing in Beltline, Mobile Car Detailing in Oakridge, Mobile Car Detailing in Woodbine and surrounding areas.