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You ever picked up your rental and noticed streaks on the chrome pieces of your steering wheel or windshield or center console or entertainment center? It doesn’t feel good and it sure does not look good. Getting a streak-free car clean is something that takes practice and years of car detailing experience. At Glam Detailing in Ottawa, we take pride in ensuring that we leave our client’s car looking polished and streak-free as if you found it in a car showroom.

how to achieve a streak-free car detailing

You generally want to detail your car in a shade or indoor environment. This is because solutions tend to dry up very quickly leaving little to no time to agitate with the lubrication from the solution.

Here are a few steps to take to get the best results when you detail your car. You can either follow these steps for a more refreshing and rewarding car cleaning result or get either our Advanced Detailing Package or Glam Up Detailing Package at Glam Detailing.

  1. Remove all non-garbage and garbage items from the interior of your car
  2. If you have a leaf blower or compressed air, blow out the areas that you will be cleaning and detailing
  3. Get a vacuum that is strong enough to pick up dirt and debris stuck in your carpets, mats and interior areas/surfaces of your car
  4. Do a thorough vacuuming of your car interior with a brush in hand to lift up dirt that have accumulated in your carpet
  5. Using a detailer’s brush, dust off dirt and dust from your vents, crevices and cracks. If you don’t have a detailer’s brush, you can contact us at Glam Detailing and we will be happy to help.
  6. Using a spray bottle solution of all purpose cleaner and water, along with 2 or more microfibre towels, you can achieve top quality car detailing results.
  7. Fold your towels into 4 squares so that you will have at least clean 8 surfaces to remove stains and dirt from your car’s interior surfaces.
  8. Spray on the towel – if light stain or dirt. If the stain seems like it might need more work, spray the solution directly on the stain and let sit for a minute. Come back with one towel and wipe off the stain with one towel and then follow through right away with the dry towel.
  9. The first wipe is to move most of stain. This leaves residue. That residue once dried is the streak. To avoid that, you have to take it off on the second wipe with the dry microfiber towel.
  10. For an even fresher look, coat your surfaces with some dressing. For help on how to dress your interior or to book an appointment for our Glam Up Detailing Package with one of our professional detailers, contact Glam Detailing. We are a mobile car detailing , so we will come you you

If you must wash and detail your car in the sun, check out our blog on How to wash your car in direct sunlight. You can also contact us as we are in Ottawa and provide services to surrounding areas. We drive to areas like Stittsville, Carp, Kanata, Orleans, Gatineau and so on.

Streak-Free Car Detailing on this seat control Mercedes Benz piece

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